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Q. Starting a New Limited Company?
A. Why not register with us first then use our address on your companies House application.
Q. How safe is your service?
A. We are registered with HMRC and the ICO so will always protect your post and your identity
Q. Can I register more than one company
A. Yes and we will discount the 2nd company by 50%
Q. How can I pay for the service
A. You can pay monthly by direct debit or save 40% by paying annually
Q. How quick can I get set up?
A. Normally within a couple of days, as soon as we verify your ID

What does HMRC registration Mean ?

Jun 29, 2016

Many Virtual Office providers are not registered with HMRC for money laundering.  This probably means they will take on any client without too many background checks.  

In  most cases this is fine, howver if you do end up with a less savoury business registering at your premises, and they get into trouble with, the police, debt collectors, baliffs or the tax man, the ripples can wash over the other businesses using the same address, whcih could affect your businesses credit rating.

Companies who are registered with HMRC for money laundering, will have a more rigerous procedure, asking for more information as they conduct background checks.  The process may well be a little slower, but you'll be assured your business address is in good hands.

Check out the HMRC website




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