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Q. Starting a New Limited Company?
A. Why not register with us first then use our address on your companies House application.
Q. How safe is your service?
A. We are registered with HMRC and the ICO so will always protect your post and your identity
Q. Can I register more than one company
A. Yes and we will discount the 2nd company by 50%
Q. How can I pay for the service
A. You can pay monthly by direct debit or save 40% by paying annually
Q. How quick can I get set up?
A. Normally within a couple of days, as soon as we verify your ID

How easy is it to register my new business ?

May 18, 2016

Generally there is no right and wrong answer – all different structures have their own merits and I suggest you take advice from a few people – remember it’s what suits you. A sole trader is the quickest and easiest to set up. It’s less regulated to run. All you need is a National Insurance Number and to register for Self-Assessment with HMRC. The more tech savy of you can go to gov.uk and register your business otherwise an accountant can help you. The quickness and ease of being a sole trader means it’s ideally suited to small lifestyle business like an ebay shop or home based business. However there is no size limit –remember Mike Ashley still ran Sports Direct as Sole Trader when he was running 0ver 100 stores If there are more people in the business –A partnership would be sensible. Again very easy to set up and although it’s probably an expense you’d rather not spend at the outset – a partnership agreement outlining the details of how you work together and possibly what happens if you separate is essential. Whilst being a sole trader or partnership is ok, some say they lack the kudos or credibility of a limited liability company or limited liability partnership. These choices are more regulated and therefore more expensive to operate. Again you can use an accountant or formation agent for specialist circumstances, but a simple/ basic company can be set up online for £ 15 you just need to choose: o the company’s name and registered address ( We can provide one of those) o names and addresses of directors (and company secretary if you have one) o details of shareholders and share capital I hope you have enjoyed this Blog. Don’t forget to sign up below if you’d like to receive more FREE Business information Would you like to receive our FREE infoblog ? [ Name ] [ Email ]

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